2 Checklists for Your Spring Home Maintenance Routine

Spring Maintenance Checklist and Tips, W Real Estate

Do you know what to do to maintain your home in the spring?

Here in Canada, winter can be tough on our houses. When the warm weather of spring finally arrives (hurray!), there are a few easy tasks you can work on to keep your home in great condition. Here are two checklists to keep handy for your annual spring maintenance routine:

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: Interior

  • Check the basement for water damage, foundation cracks, and evidence of pests 
  • Clean the air filters and vents
  • Replace the furnace filter
  • Vacuum the fridge coils
  • Clean out the dryer vent and behind the dryer
  • Clean behind the washing machine and check the fill hose for cracks 
  • Check the dishwasher fill hose for cracks
  • Test ground fault circuit interrupters in bathroom, kitchen, and outside electrical outlets and on the electrical panel
  • Inspect the caulking around doors and windows and add more if needed
  • Inspect window screens and repair if necessary
  • Inspect the attic for critters and mould

Spring house maintenance, Lion's Head Real Estate

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist: Exterior

  • Check for loose or damaged roof shingles and repair if necessary
  • Inspect the chimney for any damage (joints between bricks and stones)
  • Clean out the eavestroughs 
  • Keep downspouts pointing away from the house or inserted into a rain barrel
  • Inspect your siding and make any repairs or repainting 
  • Keep tree branches two feet away from your house and air conditioner
  • Examine your home’s foundation for cracks
  • Check water valves and spouts for leaks
  • Clean your driveway, deck, porch, etc., and fix any damage

Cleaning eavestroughs, Wiarton Real Estate

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